music video of the day: "Birth In Reverse" by St. Vincent

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I was lucky enough to catch St. Vincent live three times this year. NXNE in Toronto (she played the shut down streets of Yonge & Dundas Square), Pitchfork Fest in Chicago (in which she smashed her head into a kick drum) and then Pitchfork Paris (I took a photo, see below). Each time Annie Clark has shred me to bits. Each time she gives me chills. She's a rock god and a beast of talent. Her 2014 album is a favourite of the year and now she's nominated for a Grammy. Fingers crossed, she wins. And she should. Obviously.   

Ginla in New York

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Ginla is a duo, made up of two dudes who make sounds and play a lot of NHL on Xbox. One of them is named Joe - he makes space noises and cries at space movies. The other is a giant named Jon who comes from all over and knows how to tell a story. They're both secretly jazz geniuses but will never admit it. It's Ginla as in "Jarome Iginla" in case you were wondering. 

Listen to their new EP Dreaming In Circles above.  
Check out some photos I took of these goofs while in NY this past October below.

music video of the day: "Cool" by Calvin Love

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Because he really is "cool" - and he's playing The Drake Hotel tonight for free if you RSVP.
The rest of the line-up is also super rad. Check them out + the set times below.
Oh & there's free beer before 9pm. Nice one Field Trip!
12 Calvin Love
11 Michael Rault
10 New Hands
9 Aron D'Alesio

Walked the Williamsburg Bridge with Cal and the dudes this past October during CMJ. Took some snaps. You can check out more of my CMJ photos over at ChartAttack. 

music video of the day: "Yellow Flicker Beat" by Lorde

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Because Emily Kai Bock directed this one. She is a beast and is slaaaaying the music video game. She may be my favourite music video director of the year. Like... yup I'm pretty sure she wins. 

Also because I'm totally going to see Hunger Games tonight and this is Lorde's Hunger Games song. I love Lorde by the way. Hope you can deal with that. You hear the Kanye rework of this track? Check it below. It's similar but still sick.