by Kate Killet

Hey beautiful internet babes. I haven't had the internet in over a week, was over in Bermuda and it turns out there was no wifi where I was staying. I for sure had a panic attack. Once I got over myself and my online addition it was chill but YO I'M TOTALLY BEHIND IN MUSIC VIDEOS OF THE DAY and for this I apologize. Will totally make up for it. For now just stay tuned...

xo kk

music video of the day: "The Passions" by Owen Pallett

by Kate Killet in

"I wrote The Passions after a period during which my definitions of 'love' were being redefined. Queers are united by our desires, by our prioritization of the needs of our bodies and souls over the needs of tradition and societal structures. But I feel there is more to it than that. Our lovers are our family, our brothers and sisters as well as our sexual partners. The Passions is about the blurry distinction between these definitions."
- Owen Pallett

Pallett's In Conflict is out now on Domino. It's really fucking good.