Mini Review: Kate Boy Live at Wrongbar

The night of Sunday June 9th I rushed over to Wrongbar after a weird day of work to catch my lastest Stockholm sound obsession, Kate Boy. With nothing but a couple of singles to her name, the venue was only half full but the energy and enthusiasm of the few in attendance filled the space.  "WHEN IS THE ALBUM OUT?" the crowd would shout. When Kate responded with the fact that they're still working on it the crowd quickly yelled back "WORK FASTER WE WANT IT NOW!" So yeah. People are pretty stoked on this new artist. I myself dropped my bag as soon as I got in and danced for the entire short yet oh so electro-pop synthy sweet 40 min set. Once it came to a close the audience cheered and cheered for more but alas I don't think they had any more songs. Guess we'll just have to wait. 

She's got two super slick monochromatic videos that have both been past music videos of the day:  "In Your Eyes" and "The Way We Are". You should watch them both if you haven't already.