music video of the day: "Royals" by Lorde

Remember a few months ago when I was freaking out about how much I loved Lorde?
Well guess what y'all I STILL LOVE HER!

But really so good right? Ugh. So good. I love that this track is starting to get some North American radio play. Just last night I was cruising around with a friend on a little summer joy ride, seeing as we both just got new jobs (congrats) so driving around the city with the windows down was essential. This came on the radio and you BEST BELIEVE that I sang along at the top of my lugs. Heck, I'm still singing along now. Shout outs to my roommate for putting up with me. 

This little alt angelfire is touring right now yo. Check it...
Sept 25 @ The Brlasco Theater in LA
Sept 27 @ The Fillmore in SF
Sept 30 & Oct 1 @ Webster Hall in NY
Oct 3 @ Warsaw in BK
Oct 6 @ The Danforth Music Hall in TO - 
Can someone please get me a ticket to this one? <3