music video of the day: "Christmas II (grinch)" by Grimes & Jay Worthy

Because I just spent the past two hours in a FaceTime argument/tet a tet/couple chat/head bang with my boyfriend about Grimes which ended with us agreeing that we " just want the best for her and for her to be herself". Indeed. Grimes rules. This is fun. I'm excited to hear the new album. Quote from her on the video above below...

Anyway - i like to periodically release songs since my album is taking so long and i make a lot of songs that i wouldn’t put on an album but i nonetheless enjoy so thats what this is.

me and my step bro jay worthy make an annual christmas song with our siblings in order to avoid obligatory dinner. this is NOT a single from the upcoming album, not a serious piece of art in any capacity and not an official grimes release

also —made this song in prob less than 2 hours so please excuse my terrible production, + it is not mixed or mastered.