music video of the day: "The Riverbed" by Owen Pallett

I love Owen Pallett.

When I was in grade 10, my first high school boyfriend lent me a Final Fantasy record. I fell in love with it more than I ever loved said boyfriend. I broke up with him, partly because the music was so beautiful and our tiny high school relationship didn't have a note of that passion that Pallett's strings did. I wanted that. He was mad at the time but I think it worked out in the end. He's since come out. We don't talk much. There's no heard feelings. 

Owen Pallett's work has been a favourite of mine ever since.


Check out the stunning music video for "The Riverbed" above.
Check out the cool simple yet effective lyric video for "On A Path" ft. Brian Eno below.

In Conflict is out May 13th on Domino.