music video of the day: "Pitbull Terrier" by Die Antwoord

Guys. Die Antwoord are still here and they still don't give ANY fucks. Like... none. 
Did you know their third album is coming out? Yeah. They're on album number three. Good for them right? These funky freaks are fucking killing it. Do it up. Stay weird. Whatever. 

Also also also this is the tracklist for their new album (Donker Mag out June 6th) and no I'm not kidding... 
01 “Dont Fuk Me”
02 “Ugly Boy”
03 “Happy Go Sucky Fucky”
04 “Zars”
05 “Raging Zef Boner”
06 “Pompie”
07 “Cookie Thumper!”
08 “Girl I Want 2 Eat U”
09 “Pitbull Terrier”
10 “Strunk”
11 “Do Not Fuk Wif Da Kid”
12 “Rat Trap 666″ (Feat. DJ Muggs)
13 “I Dont Dwank”
14 “Sex”
15 “Moon Love”
16 “Donker Mag”