music video of the day: "The Forest Nymph That Lives Behind The School" by Hot Sugar

"Nudity has been a core subject in Art since the beginning. The majority of master artists portrayed nudes. The ground floor of almost every major museum around the world contains nude representations of the human body in some form another (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) and plenty of these works have been internationally validated as priceless works of human achievement.

The debate as to whether a certain project is a tasteful work of art or obscenity has also existed for centuries. In most cases either religious or political parties have imposed their sense of morality as law, but even amidst their self-righteous interpretations of what might be harmful and what might be inspiring, there existed a “discussion.”  

In this generation of internet dependency, we experience the arbitrary censorship of nudity. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer no room for discussion. One of the world’s biggest artists, Rihanna, graced the cover of a fashion magazine with her delicately exposed nipples (an image then wheat pasted across the streets of Paris, one of the world’s most reputable and historical centers of culture), had that photo deleted from Instagram as obscenity. Nicki Minaj’s bikini clad butt was airbrushed to the point of looking like a cartoon but still got removed a couple weeks ago. More absurdly, a photo of a marble nipple from a centuries old statue at the Louvre can be reported as offensive if uploaded to Facebook."

Indeed Hot Sugar. The dude gets it. Head over to Noisey for more from him on this video.