music video of the day: "Not Afraid To Die" by Hot Sugar

Nick Koenig (aka Hot Sugar) makes sounds that kinda creep you out but are also really on point and make you melt a little while also scratching your head (in a good way). This new video is no exception.
He gives more details on "Not Afraid To Die" below...  

Not Afraid To Die portrays a bleak portrait of a modern child isolated in his bedroom with no exposure to the outside world beyond his computer. Suffering from boredom, depression, comfort and dependence, the light of his desktop monitor has replaced the sun and the infinite knowledge of the internet is his room’s only window. With no contact to the outside world, and no perceived primitive threat, the child drifts between delusion and reality. Regardless of whether its voluntary or accidental, he ultimately succumbs to his secluded lifestyle and lets himself melt into the void he chose to exist in.

I’m a fan of amateur 3d rendering and I wanted to tackle a heavy concept with what is generally perceived to be a crude and childish style of animation. The animators at Wolfshirt play with abstractions are into the deterioration of 3d models so I knew they were right fit to execute the concept. The models and character in the video are connected & influenced by the different instruments in my song so by the end of the video it feels like the track is stretching him into shards of data.

 His new album God’s Hand is out February 24th via Break World Records.