music video of the day: "Plastic Soul" by YACHT

It’s 2014, and you’ve awoken to find yourself alone for the first time in months. Your serotonin levels are at an all-time low. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been relentlessly battered by millions of corporate dollars targeted directly at your valuable eyeballs. And it’s still boring. Snapchat sucks. You’ve even worn out the most exciting long-player that came wrapped in non-disclosure agreements just to delight you. When you think you’re losing it, this is your theme song.

That's one heck of a press release. Chill song. Chill video. JASH rules.

music video of the day: "NaNa" by Chance The Rapper

So JASH gave Chance The Rapper and comedian Hannibal Buress $5,000 and here's some of the things that they did with it...

  • Eat pizza
  • Wear chains
  • Impress some fashion ladiez
  • Wear a chicken costume 
  • Dollarstore shopping spree
  • Buy Childish Gambino/Donald Glover a beer
  • Pimp suits

Chance The Rapper is this rad lil Chicago kid who made his mixtape #10Day after getting suspended from high school for 10 days. His follow up #AcidRap is due out the end of this month. Was luckly enough to catch him this past SXSW. Kid has skill. Dude is only gonna grow (up).