Ryan Hemsworth

music video of the day: "Snow In Newark" by Ryan Hemsworth ft. Dawn Golden

I can't even make a dumb joke about this one. I just can't. I can't knock the kid for this. 
It makes my heart hurt. It's chill. It's nice. It's calm. It's something else.
It captures a feeling. That lost and confused comfort. 

Nice one Ryan. Really lovely.

His new album Alone for the First Time comes out November 4th on Last Gang. 



music video of the day: "One For Me" by Ryan Hemsworth ft. Tinashe

"Martin approached me about making “the most boring video for 2014.” At this point in my life, I realized it would be a great thing to do because the Super Cool DJ lifestyle is one associated with being the life of the party and never having a dull moment. The truth is that it’s mostly made up of moments waiting around and hanging out by yourself. The track itself is already about walking through the middle of a crowd feeling alone. So driving around Montreal in a Lamborghini yawning felt like a good way of showing how awesome and equally solitary it can get sometimes."
- Ryan Hemsworth AKA Hemmy AKA DJ after-party naps AKA "he's a nice guy"

I’ve been looking to make the most boring video possible for a while now. I then approached Ryan and he talked to me about his life on tour, being a cool DJ, having fans and being more of a geek then a rock star. We were definitely heading in the same direction, so a week later, without any preparation, we shot the damn thing. It was the most relaxed video set I’ve been on yet, we basically shot what we wanted when we wanted and also played Diddy Kong Racing and Pokemon Snap. 
- director Martin C. Pariseau who did a good job


... and my AirBnB is so faaaarrr and my laptop is so heaavvyy so I apologize for the lack of updates here. Will be catching y'all up soon. In the meantime, check out the ish I've been writing for Sidewalk Hustle. Been taking a million pictures too. Hope you enjoy.

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