music video of the day: "Buttercup" by Weaves

Because this video is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy rad. Also this band rules. What are you doing tonight? You should come to this show tonight! It's their EP release yo! Weaves are playing with HSY and bizZarh. Also Beta Frontiers and Dave Newfeld are DJing so that's neat.

Come to Cinecycle (129 Spadina, east side, down the alley between Get Spun and Spadina Animal Hospital) at 9pm. It's $10. Yeeeeeeee. See ya there!

this weekend: ALL CAPS! island festival

What:  The final ALL CAPS! island festival

Who's playing: The Blow, Rich Aucoin, catl, Hooded Fang, Magneta Lane, Shotgun Jimmie, Elfin Saddle, Beliefs, Bizzarh, Beekeeper, ev ree wuhn, Most People, Eons, Unfinished Business, Pachamama, Watershed Hour and more. 

Where: Toronto Island yo. Join in why don't you?  

Find me: Camping in a tent from Friday evening to Sunday night, hunting for bonfires and babes.  

Lurk: My twitter for ALL CAPS! live tweets.  

Enjoy: The ALL CAPS! mixtape below... 

See you there?