music video of the day: "Cool" by Calvin Love

Because he really is "cool" - and he's playing The Drake Hotel tonight for free if you RSVP.
The rest of the line-up is also super rad. Check them out + the set times below.
Oh & there's free beer before 9pm. Nice one Field Trip!
12 Calvin Love
11 Michael Rault
10 New Hands
9 Aron D'Alesio

Walked the Williamsburg Bridge with Cal and the dudes this past October during CMJ. Took some snaps. You can check out more of my CMJ photos over at ChartAttack. 

music video of the day: "Beneath The Air" by Absolutely Free

This vibe is on point. This band is on point. This video is smooth and on point.
This time last year at a SummerWorks party, Absolutely Free sang to me whilst I was perched up on a balcony - and consequently I fell in love. Their debut self-titled album finally comes out October 14th. About time.  And in the meantime? Stream their 12" below...

music video of the day: "My Moon My Man" by Feist

Because any time I'm at the airport this video pops into my head.
All I wanna do is dance on those moving walkways. Always.

I went to Pearson today to see off my little sister who's heading back to Halifax.
The holidays are officially over.


ps. Are Lizzy Caplan and Feist friends?
They're both rad and kinda look alike.
I vote they make a video together.