music video of the day: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson

The first memory I have of music is of this song.

My parents are pretty young. When I was little & growing up they'd often have friends over for parties. There was a specific mix CD my dad had made and he played whenever we were having people over; it started with this song. I called it "the party song" and would beg my parents to play it so I could have dance parties in the living room. 

Can you blame me? It's such a groove. 


music video of the day: "Drop the Game" by Flume & Chet Faker

Just realized I posted all dance focused music videos this weekend. That being said, each entry is so different from the next. From Friday's mini Sia featuring "Chandelier" to yesterday's Owen Pallett string swelling "Song for Five & Six" to this haunting coolness. Which is your fav of the weekend? I can't decide. Perhaps this one. Yeah. Maybe. Yup. 

music video of the day: "Song for Five & Six" by Owen Pallett

If you know me at all then you know I love Owen Pallett. There's a reason the man is THE go to string guy. There's a reason I've seen him live so many times. There's a reason when given the opportunity I will gush on and on about how the man is a true talent and gift.

I guess I should play it cool and pretend I'm not such a fan or whatever. That's "cooler" right? Ugh. I don't care. His music moves me in all types of ways. It pulls and pings at my heart strings.  And passion isn't chill. 

So yes. Come out to the Danforth Music Hall tonight. Pallett is on at 9:30pm but come early for Doldrums cus they also are rad. It's a CMW show so your wristbands will get you in. If not, tickets at the door. Either way just be there. 

His new album In Conflict is out May 13th on Domino but you can grab a copy tonight at the show. 

music video of the day: "My Moon My Man" by Feist

Because any time I'm at the airport this video pops into my head.
All I wanna do is dance on those moving walkways. Always.

I went to Pearson today to see off my little sister who's heading back to Halifax.
The holidays are officially over.


ps. Are Lizzy Caplan and Feist friends?
They're both rad and kinda look alike.
I vote they make a video together. 

music video of the day: "When A Fire Starts To Burn" by Disclosure

When a fire starts to burn, right? And it starts to spread...

This jam though. It's hot right? It's sizzling. 

I'm taking it easy tonight but damn does this make me want to go out.  Perhaps instead I'll just play their much anticipated debut album Settle so so so loud and dance around on my own Robyn styles or whatnot. Great album name too eh? It's like "lol guess I'll settle for this?" but it's also like "OI SETTLE MATE SETTLE!" So not going to settle down though. Not when there's tunes like these banging. 

ps. My recap + photos from their last Toronto show